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OMG! You ThinkI'm Fat!?! How to talk (or NOT talk) about your child's weight

Are you concerned about your child's weight or eating habits? Are you ready to break the generational diet cycle?

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Madeleine told me to cut WAY back on the wine and crank up the exercise...and it worked! Also very sensible advice about supplements (they're a waste of $$) and great tips on weight loss while dining out.  She is really the most reasonable nutritionist I have ever dealt with and she didn't try to sell me anything! I highly recommend her.  Andrea V - Yelp review

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I've been to at least a half dozen nutritionists before I found Madeleine. I hit the jackpot with her! Lauren W - Yelp review

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Madeleine Berg in Woodbury, NY has been a successful nutritionist/health coach for over 25 years. All nutrition and weight loss diet programs are customized to optimize your results. If you are already nutrition savvy and want to further optimize your diet, Madeleine is the nutrition expert for you.

A Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian, Madeleine has degrees in nutrition from Cornell and NYU. Knowledgeable, humorous and firm, Madeleine will help you create the optimal environment for your success.  

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